"Someone to Love"

Paul Anka had a hit song years ago called “Lonely Boy”. Here are the words from the first verse: ” I’m just a lonely boy, lonely and blue. I’m all alone with nothin’ to do. I’ve got everything you could think of. But all I want is someone to love.” How appealing is this man going to be to a single woman? He’s lonely, blue, has nothing to do and thinks that having someone to love will fix everything. Seriously, how much love does a man like that have to offer? My thought is that he’s not so interested in giving love as he is in receiving it – so he can feel better about himself and his life.

Recently I heard a woman say that she wanted someone to love. Unfortunately in this culture, having someone to love implies that need to be in a romantic relationship. To me, that’s very sad because there are all kind of opportunities to love people… and the more you love yourself, others, the Divine and random strangers, your capacity to give and receive love expands.

So, this holiday season, please do yourself a favour and instead of lamenting that you don’t have a significant other to love, please practise being a loving person, period. When the time comes that you are in a relationship with a significant other, it will deepen your ability to be more loving without expecting so much in return, and love is never wasted!

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