Need some tips on online dating?

This Thursday (June 28th) at 7:30pm Eastern I am offering a free Dating Tele-clinic called “Using your Computer to Find your Soulmate”. I will be talking about 5 Pitfalls of Online Dating; 10 key tips to Creating an Online Profile… and more! These online events are informative, interactive and fun! You can still register by emailing me: I hope you’ll join us!

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You load the dishwasher how?!

A few years ago a man who I thought was the love of my life (and who is still a dear friend) moved into my place. I’m the kind of person who loads a dishwasher very carefully with nothing touching. I believed that it was a recipe for disaster to load a dishwasher any other way! This man had a totally different approach. His goal was to load as many dishes as possible which meant a kind of random and haphazard loading (in my opinion!) I was horrified! Here I thought we were going to happily coexist forever… but how could I let go of my “right” way to load a dishwasher? Well, I decided to take the big risk and see what happened when the dishes went through loaded by him. Amazingly, nothing got broken or chipped. My dishes didn’t have to be replaced! And what I learned from that is that it’s actually OK if some of the dishes touch and it doesn’t have to be as “perfect” as I had believed. The bigger picture is that I can now be aware of any anxiety that arises when people do things differently from how I do… but if I just allow it and see what happens I can learn a lot.

How are you at letting go of doing things your way? Where in your life could you relax and be open to someone else’s approach? I’d love to hear your stories and let others learn from them, too!

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Joy in unexpected places

My mother is 83. She lives in a care facility and is rather limited in her mobility and in her ability to do things for herself. Her memory isn’t what it used to be. Her life is pretty simple and quite predictable. The other day I went to visit her and she was all excited about a movie they had shown at the care home a few days before. She wracked her brain trying to remember the name of the main character. We did a bit of a guessing game and I asked her if it was Mr. Magoo. No…. Anyway, I wound up asking one of the activity coordinators what the movie was and it turned out to be Shrek! My elderly mom was totally captivated by this movie and by the green, lovable ogre. I saw a side of my mother I hadn’t seen before: the young, playful part of her that was so delighted by this movie and the colourful characters in it. It really brought her a lot of joy and such a sparkle to her eyes!

She could have refused to watch the movie, believing it was for kids. But because she was open to it, she found joy in an unexpected place.

I recently met a man who confessed that he is a Desperate Housewives addict! When he told me that, I felt a surge of joy because 1) he was willing to honest about it and 2) I love Desperate Housewives too! It still makes me smile when I think about it.

These blessings of joy make life a wonderful adventure. Where have you recently found joy in an unexpected place?

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My holistic approach

I am a coach for the current Calling in “the One” course, and I’m just loving co-facilitating our small group “Affinity” with Rebecca Ocean! On the teaching call last night, Katherine talked about how this program is all about who you are BEING when looking for love. The Conscious Dating® program I offer focuses more on DOING: your relationship requirements, how to find other singles and lots more. Together, they are life-changing! Together, they are your roadmap to finding love! Contact me today for complimentary strategy session. We’ll talk about how I can help you find love in 2012!

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Meeting other singles

My clients who rely on online dating often express frustration. They are tired of being at their computers instead of meeting people face-to face. They are tired of the exaggerations and downright lies of the profiles they are reading. There are four levels of places to meet a potential partner. The first is in public places, like at a supermarket. It can be fun to strike up a conversation… and who knows? The second level is singles events and online dating. At least this way you know that people are (theoretically!) available. You may have Meetup groups in your area that focus on singles events and outings. The third level is groups in which you have shared interests, such as hiking or photography clubs. The fourth level is venues that bring people together who have a common vision or shared values, such as church groups or Transition Towns meetings. Try to get out and actually meet people (like the old days) and don’t rely exclusively on online dating sites!

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Dating Tele-clinic for February

I hope you will join me for my Dating Tele-clinic this month. The topic is: Is Your Date a Keeper?: the 5 key red flags to watch out for, and the 7 signs that he/she is a keeper.

* learn about the 5 red flags to show that you are definitely not a match
* the 7 signs that this person has potential for something more
* talk with others on the call about their experiences (both positive and negative!)
* ask questions and get coaching
* get support

The next Dating Tele-clinic will be on Thursday, February 23rd at 4:30pm Pacific/7:30pm Eastern. Calls last approximately 60 minutes. There is no charge, apart from any costs to call a U.S. bridge line, depending on your phone plan.

Please sign up for call-in details and reminders at:

I’m looking forward to “seeing” you on the call! Please invite your friends to register too!

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