Love Coach Lynn

Helping you attract and nurture love

“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.”
— Barbara De Angelis

Would you like more love in your life?

Do you feel stuck not knowing who you are on a deep level?

Do you wonder why you keep repeating old patterns?

I am Love Coach Lynn and I specialize in helping people learn more about themselves, what they really want and how to bring it into their lives.

I invite you to browse my site and to book a complimentary Discovery Session if you’d like to explore how we might work together.




I’m Lynn

I am delighted to assist you in attracting love and nurturing loving relationships.  I am a trained Singles and Couples Coach with the Relationship Coaching Institute as well as trained as a Calling in “the One” Coach.

There are stories in the news about people who take a course for an hour or two and call themselves Life Coaches.  Rest assured that I am trained and certified in Singles and Couples coaching.

What I Do

Coaching for Singles

My approach is to help you learn more about yourself – who you are, what you want and what’s getting in the way.  That comes first, then we can explore how to meet possible partners!

Coaching for Couples

Relationships can be challenging!  Let me help you to co-create a relationship that works for both of you.  Gain confidence in speaking your truth in a kind way that is more likely to be heard.  Rekindle your relationship by being clear on your vision and acquiring the skills and mindset necessary to make your dreams into reality.

Learn to Love Yourself

Maybe you don’t want a relationship right now because you’re just out of a divorce, you’ve lost a partner or you need some time for yourself.  We will focus on you so you can celebrate yourself and gain confidence.  Fall in love with yourself!

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