Dating during the Pandemic

What about dating during the pandemic? Is there any point? I would say, absolutely! It’s just that you’ll need to do things a little differently.

In the days pre-COVID-19 I used to suggest that people meet sooner, rather than later, when online dating. Profiles can sound appealing “on paper” and some people have the gift of the gab with email…. but you have to actually meet and spend time together to determine whether this person is a potential match.

I joked with a friend about having “pandemic pen pals” and I think there’s something to this! Dating during the pandemic gives us an opportunity to get to know one another, to explore a friendship and to learn more about ourselves and the other. Perhaps now is the time to cultivate friendships rather than focusing on finding “the one”

I just started communicating with a man who recommended a singer/songwriter named Regina Spektor. I’d never heard of her but now I’m hooked! With our “pandemic pen pals” we can exchange book, movie and music recommendations and also points of view.

Successful partnerships are based on shared values, I believe, and having this opportunity to write, talk or video chat allows us to really get to know someone without hormones clouding our judgment.

I think there is still value in being discerning. Many of us have more free time now, but we want our time to be spent in a meaningful way. If you’re finding that your interaction isn’t engaging, you may want to move on.

Dating during the pandemic slows things down. Although it may be frustrating for some, and you may be impatient to meet, it’s worth considering how this can be a blessing rather than a curse.

Yes, these are strange times. In the absence of actually meeting potential partners, how can you spend time reflecting on what you bring to a relationship? What might you need to work on? How could you be an ideal partner for someone? There are lots of resources out there like books, videos, courses, and coaches to help you become your best self.

You may want to take a course! I really enjoyed a course I took recently on Udemy:

Why not use this time for some learning that you can apply once the pandemic is over and you’re out meeting people again!

While we may not be able to do traditional “dating” we can nurture friendships and focus on self-improvement and that’s a bonus!

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