Give yourself a pat on the back!

Like most people at the end of another year, I am reflecting on the past 12 months. It’s so easy to focus on what we still need to learn, and how we still need to grow, that we forget to celebrate our accomplishments. I invite you to give yourself credit for all the ways you have stretched yourself over the past year, the lessons you have learned, the ways you have made a difference in others’ lives.

I am celebrating that, as well as being a Certified Calling in “the One” coach, I am now officially a Certified RCI Relationship Coach for Singles. I have been through rigorous training to earn this certification. I feel confident offering these wonderful programs to you. I know that they do make a difference and I love to witness the transformation in my clients! I hope that 2012 will be the year that you will join me either for individual coaching or in one of my groups. Let’s make 2012 the year for LOVE!

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