Giving up the need to be right

How would you life be different if you were willing to give up your need to be right? In relationships it’s very easy be become attached to your way of seeing things or doing things – but in the long run where does that get you? In Nonviolent Communication we say, “Do you want a case or a connection?” In my own experience, differing opinions or beliefs are often due to a misunderstanding. When potential conflict arises my first step is to ground myself so I’m not reactive Then I become curious and explore the situation with my partner. Very often, it’s just that we have different information. By approaching the situation with openness and curiosity we are able to diffuse any potential conflict. Being able to do this requires that we let go of our need to be right and become open to a dialogue with the other. This is one way to build relationships, not to destroy them.

Do you struggle with needing to be right? What does needing to be right serve you?

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