Integrity and allowing

I came home yesterday and found that a book had been delivered by courier to my home. Of course I was excited because I love books! I racked my brain, trying to remember what I’d recently ordered but drew a blank. I opened up the package and found George Leonard’s Mastery: the Keys to Success and Fulfillment. Hmmm….. looked interesting but it wasn’t something I’d ordered. I had internal tug-of-war going on. One voice said to just keep it: it must be meant for me on some level. Another voice said that if someone else ordered and paid for it and it was delivered here by mistake, that wasn’t right to keep it. I was reluctantly prepared to return the book if necessary. Finally got through to customer service and it turns out that it was a gift from Bill Baren coaching! I was able to accept the gift with gratitude now that the mystery was over.

I share this story because of the pull between wanting to be open to unexpected gifts but also wanting to act in integrity. For me, knowing that the book really was meant for me allows me to enjoy it clear from any muddiness around taking something that belonged to someone else. I’m enjoying the book and will make another post about mastery and being single. Already I can tell that this is a profound and life-changing book! I’ll keep you posted!

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