At the foundation of all loving relationships is your ability to love, honour and celebrate yourself.  How can you love others if you don’t love yourself?  When you know who you are, and you are familiar with your strengths and weaknesses, areas for growth and areas where you shine, that’s when you can enter into loving relationships as a whole person who isn’t craving attention or affirmation.  That’s when you can create clear boundaries because your sense of self isn’t dependent on anyone else.  Does that sound liberating?  I absolutely believe that it is!

All too often we spend our lives focusing on other people at a high cost to ourselves.  We have the “shoulds” and expectations of others and of society for us to be as they want us to be, not who we truly are.

Working with me, we will take a deep dive into who you are so that you can be clear on what brings you joy in life and what drains you.  I truly wish everyone had the opportunity for this very respectful and celebratory work because I believe the world would be a much happier and more harmonious place!

I invite you to book a Discovery Session so we can take the first step in the journey of learning to love yourself.